September 13, 2009

A Bit of Me in the Metaphysical

I am a 40 something mother of 3. 
The fact that I am a Mother of 3 is amusing in itself from a metaphysical perspective.
Be it tarot or numerology, if you take the numbers of my birthday, the sum is 3. In tarot there is a method of determining your soul and personality card or cards. Some will have the same card for both and that is me. That is the Empress in the Major Arcana and she is a Mother. Traditional images of her show her very pregnant. While she is a mother, she is so much more. She is compassionate, understanding and nurturing and she is a leader, full of wisdom and direction. She is co-master of the home, runs the castle and cares for the children.
Much of what the Empress card is all about is reflected in my thoughts, feelings, life and spirituality.
As goes the Empress representing my Soul & Personality, I fit the build very well.
Many people come to me with their issues, for they appreciate the feed back and advice I have to offer. Even my mother commented on my wisdom when going through a divorce.
My ability to listen and understand with compassion have allowed me to help others and in helping others, I feel good because I have been through many hard times and had always wished that I had had someone that I could talk to. I believe that everyone deserves happiness and our silly selves put ourselves into situations that keep ups from that happiness.
I have found my peace and I want to help others find theirs.
Of all the Queens in the Minor Arcana, the Queen that I relate to the most on many levels is the Queen of Pentacles. She is also the Queen that is most like the Empress.
Why I relate to this particular queen over the others, we have to look at me from an astrological aspect.
Of all the placements in my chart, I am a very heavy load of Earth and Pentacles is the Earth suit. But there is more to that. I have a Virgo rising, Pars Fortune and the 3 (there is that number again) planets in Virgo; Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Then, and here is that number 3 again! I have Sun, Moon and Mercury in Capricorn. These are both Earth signs.
The nature of this combination of placements makes for a hard worker, a multitasker, a leader, one who has goals and is self motivated, multi-talented and very skilled.
In just about any work place that I have been in, if there was some sort of administrative or management position open, I ended up with it whether I sought it out or not.
Now I could go on for much longer about how these pagan/metaphysical, occult things relate in my life, but they will be expressed at some point within this blog, for my whole life has been spent within these realms, that of the occult, psychic awareness, being close to nature and Universal magic.

Namaste Fellow Females

Menopause- It is when a woman no longer ovulates and menstruates. Premenopause- It is when a woman’s body begins to wane in her fertility. The average age of onset is late 40’s to early 50’s, but some will experience the onset as early as 35. The waning process can be a year to several years, 5 or more for some. A woman is actually in menopause when she has gone one full year with out menstruating. Let me introduce this blog by saying that creating this blog has been inspired by what sure seems like the very early stages of transition from Mother to Crone. I may or may not be starting this process, but the events that inspired me to start this are quite interesting on a metaphysical level as well as a mundane one.