April 18, 2010

28 again

No....that is not what I am telling people about how old I will be on my birthday.
I could probably get away with it though.

This last cycle was 28 days as normal.
It started a week ago. 

I did a write up on the Mercury retrogrades for 2010, and it was very fitting in the business areas of my life. 

While the main focus of the retrogrades this year is one of business and projects, there comes a health and body retrograde coming while Mercury is in Virgo.

The dates for 2010 for Mercury retrogrades are:
  • December 26-January 15, 2010
  • April 17-May 11
  • August 20 – September 12
  • December 10-December 29
In August/September is when the body comes into play. I am a Virgo rising and have 3 Virgo planets.
Just as it was an astrological occurrence that inspired this blog, I see an astrological aspect coming that could mean something.
Mercury Retrogrades have a aspect of 'revisiting' energies.

I am back to my 28 day cycle it seems, pre-menopause in remission? we shall see. But maybe the 'fluctuation' of my flow will resume.

Namaste Fellow Females

Menopause- It is when a woman no longer ovulates and menstruates. Premenopause- It is when a woman’s body begins to wane in her fertility. The average age of onset is late 40’s to early 50’s, but some will experience the onset as early as 35. The waning process can be a year to several years, 5 or more for some. A woman is actually in menopause when she has gone one full year with out menstruating. Let me introduce this blog by saying that creating this blog has been inspired by what sure seems like the very early stages of transition from Mother to Crone. I may or may not be starting this process, but the events that inspired me to start this are quite interesting on a metaphysical level as well as a mundane one.