January 12, 2010

Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Well, mark my words!....I started when I was 'supposed' to start based on setting the timing back to 28 days, December 24th, like clockwork!
Was this a matter of just getting back on track and premenopause is not quite here yet?
Maybe this was some twisted joke that the Universe played on us? Well if it was, we got the better end of that because it did not stand in the way of anything, hubbies hangover took care of that!!! Also it made things to where, on MY birthday that everything had come and gone and I was in the clear. (giggles)
So, now what? Now I am looking at the 21st as a start date. With my cycle being off, coming early when it never does since July, I am not sure what will happen now. Time will tell!
Astrologically, there is nothing significant that I can see as far as transiting planets. The Moon will be in Aries which would conjunct my natal Saturn and Mercury is approaching a return.
I am going to pull up a progressed chart for both last year and this year and give them a good looking over and see what is happening in those charts…..see you again soon with my findings.

Namaste Fellow Females

Menopause- It is when a woman no longer ovulates and menstruates. Premenopause- It is when a woman’s body begins to wane in her fertility. The average age of onset is late 40’s to early 50’s, but some will experience the onset as early as 35. The waning process can be a year to several years, 5 or more for some. A woman is actually in menopause when she has gone one full year with out menstruating. Let me introduce this blog by saying that creating this blog has been inspired by what sure seems like the very early stages of transition from Mother to Crone. I may or may not be starting this process, but the events that inspired me to start this are quite interesting on a metaphysical level as well as a mundane one.